Johannes Fiedlers neuestes Buch, erschienen bei Springer, 2014.

Das Buch wird im Rahmen der Präsentation von GAM.11 Archiscripts am 21.04.2015 vorgestellt.


Johannes Fiedler: Urbanisation, unlimited – A Thematic Journey, 2014

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In a series of essays, the process of urbanisation – a human mega-trend acquiring unprecedented scale and speed as globalisation proceeds – is examined in the most diverse contexts and stages of development. Drawing on scientific references and identifying recurring themes like dispersion, privatisation and vitality, Fiedler devises the glossary for a cross-cultural understanding of the global urban system emerging. Images and anecdotal evidence reconnect these themes to local realities. The tone of the essays conveys a post-voluntarist attitude, derived from many years of professional experience – critical of both neoliberal practices and determinist ideas.

  • An effective insight is given into the workings of urbanisation without requiring scientific background
  • Unique cases embedded in broader analytical reasoning
  • The book appeals to architects interested in urban development

Johannes Fiedler
Urbanisation, unlimited – A Thematic Journey
175 Seiten, Englisch
Verlag Springer, 2014
ISBN 978-3-319-03586-4
ISBN 978-3-319-03587-1 (eBook) Springer

Johannes Fiedler is an architect and urban planner with a 25-year career as an international urban consultant. He has engaged in numerous projects in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In the academic field, he has conducted research on global urbanisation issues and holds a doctoral degree in urban planning and contemporary history. For the past ten years he has been lecturing in urban design and planning at universities in Austria, Germany and, most recently, Ethiopia.
His current research focuses on public space and spatial justice.


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