The institute for urbanism invites to a lunch lecture by Prof. Alejandro L. Grindlay.
He lectures and conducts research at the University of Granada (Spain) where he also did his Master degree in Urban Planning and Management in 2005. His lecture will focus on the relation between urban mobility and public spaces: The urban mobility has a strong influence in the quality of the urban public spaces.
The higher quality of the urban public transport system implies a higher quality of the urban public spaces. Great investments in public transport systems are generally associated with urban renewals. The limitation of private motorized transport gives more space for pedestrians and better environmental quality. However the motorization figures are still growing and new electric vehicles won’t solve the problems linked to the limited urban space.
There are numerous examples worldwide showing the great urban changes given by the promotion of a more sustainable mobility. Many Spanish cities, such as Granada, have some places linked to different mobility environs and exemplifying those facts.

Alejandro Grindlay

Ort: HS II
, TU Graz, Rechbauerstraße 12, 8010 Graz

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