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A hybrid production hub as creative magnet for Puchstraße

Main Station Entrance Europaplatz - 8020 Graz (visit by bike)

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In 2013 the city council of Graz anchored the “Smart City” concept as the principal strategy for future urban development. This progressive approach has since generated several innovative projects and sparked an adventurous spirit for new departures. Graz’s beautiful, but environmentally delicate topography – a basin surrounded by hills – calls for a low-emission city. Therefore, new mobility concepts, resource and energy efficient projects paired with the latest technologies are key to achieving this goal. The prevailing mood for innovation is grounded in the raised awareness of requiring a sustainable lifestyle.

With ambitious force the city has sent signals installing neighbourhood managements and fostering a culture of participation. Nothing less than ground-breaking projects are expected within this context.

16. + 17.11.2023