Building Europe. Conference

Towards a Culture of High-Quality Architecture and Built Environment for Everyone

One conference in two cities – Graz & Maribor – from 6th to 8th October 2021

Registration is open until
1st of October.


Vom 6. bis 8. Oktober 2021 findet in Graz und Maribor die internationale Konferenz Building Europe. Auf dem Weg zu einer Architektur und Baukultur hoher Qualität für alle statt.
Die dreitägige Veranstaltung konzentriert sich auf den aktuellen Stand und die Zukunft von Architekturpolitik und Baukultur in Europa und soll Perspektiven und Chancen für die Zeit nach der Pandemie aufzeigen.

Der Programmteil in Graz findet am Mi, 6.10., 9:00 – 17:00 im Orpheum, Orpheumgasse 8, 8020 Graz statt.

Die Teilnahme ist kostenfrei, eine Registrierung (Link: hda.graz.at) erforderlich.


One conference in two cities!
Austria and Slovenia have joint forces to present a three-day event on the current state and future of Architectural Policies and Baukultur in the European Union. The international conference will take place in Graz and Maribor from 6th to 8th October 2021.

Organizers and partners of the conference
– Austrian Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport
– Austrian Architectural Foundation, Province of Styria, Austrian Chamber of Architects and Consultants Engineers, Haus der Architektur, LandLuft, Plattform Baukulturpolitik
– ACE Architects Council of Europe
– ZAPS – Chamber of Architecture and Spatial planning of Slovenia
– Slovene Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Maribor Municipality

Architecture can improve quality of life on all levels and for everyone.
It needs joint efforts by including public and private actors to achieve a culture of better building on a local or regional basis.
The purpose of the conference is to provide perspectives and hope for the post-pandemic times and to show how a crisis can be turned into an opportunity from the perspective of Architecture and Baukultur.

Participation in the conference and all program items is free of charge.
A registration for the individual parts of the conference is required.

Registration is open until 1st of October.

CONTACT: Barbara Feller
+43 676 300 17 79

PROGRAM: Please click on the link https://hda-graz.at/kooperationen/building-europe


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