Slowenien, diverse Orte

SLOVENE FILM ACTORS MUSEUM, Authors: Matjaž Bolčina, Ernest Milčinovič, Teja Savelli, 2011, adress: Kraška cesta 25, 6215 Divača

Open House Slovenia takes place on the 6th and 7th Octobre 2012, as the closing event of the Week of Architecture and Space. We are doing our best to make the third Open House weekend in a row the best so far. OHS 2012 features an even larger choice of high quality architecture all over Slovenia. Numerous acompanying events promote more effective dialogue between professionals, clients and the public. A special part of our programme is dedicated to sustainable and energetically viable architecture that respects the environment and the people.

'Open House' is a simple yet powerful concept: showcasing outstanding architecture for everybody, enabling a direct experience of buildings and spaces, free  of charge. The Open House initiative invites everyone to explore and understand the value of well-designed built environment.

'Open House' was founded in 1992 in London, and over the years the organisation evolved to become the Open-City. The concept has been adopted by 17 cities around the world, creating the first global architecture festival reaching over a million people.

Open House Slovenia was founded in 2010.

16. + 17.11.2023