NAVEZ - 5 social units as Northern entrance of Brussels, Belgium

Architektur: MSA / V+©: Serge Brison

Vortrag von Benoit Moritz

2017 gewannen die Büros MSA / V+ aus Brüssel den Emerging Architect Prize des Mies Van der Rohe Awards für ihr Projekt NAVEZ – sozialer Wohnbau im Norden Brüssels. Benoit Moritz von MSA hält auf Einladung des Instituts für Städtebau einen Vortrag im HDA.

The 2017 "Emerging Architect Prize" has been awarded to the Brussels studios MSA/V+ for their work NAVEZ – 5 social units at the northern entrance of Brussels, a housing project that fulfills the double ambition of the local authorities. At the invitation of the Institute of Urbanism, Benoit Moritz rom MSA office, will come to Graz to give a lecture.
Benoit Moritz graduated in architecture (ISACF-La Cambre) and urban planning (UPC Barcelona). In 2001, he cofounded MSA office in Brussels with Jean-Marc Simon. At the Mies Van der Rohe Award 2017 MSA / V+ have been awarded the "Emerging Architects" Prize for their project NAVEZ,five social housing units in Brussels Schaerbeek. Benoit Moritz additionally developed a teaching and prospective research activity at the Faculty of Architecture (ULB). There he is the co-coordinator of the Laboratory on Urbanism, Infrastructures and Ecologies (LoUIsE). His research focuses on urban projects currently developed in Belgian cities and the actors involved. Benoit Moritz is also the author of many articles related to urbanism.
MSA is a Belgium design firm specialized in urbanism, architecture, public spaces, bridges and special structures. MSA is interested in all project scales: from little structures as benches, canopies and public spaces spread all over Brussels and Wallonia to several large scale urban planning projects in Europe and Asia.
V+ was founded in the context of a research for a contra-proposition to re-value the Junction between the South and North Stations of Brussels (1998-1999). The name originates from the projects 1954 inaugural slogan “the junction of south/north towards a greater well-being”  because for us, with such a slogan, everything remains to be done.

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