Future Architecture Platform

Initiator: Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana (SI);

: Oris House of Architecture, Zagreb (HR), Museum of Architecture in Wrocław (PL), Belgrade International Architecture Week (SR), National Museum of XXI Century Arts, Rome (IT), House of Architecture, Graz (AT), Copenhagen Architecture Festival (DK), Tirana Architecture Week (AL), Design Biotop, Ljubljana (SI), Lisbon Architecture Triennale (PT), Ruby Press, Berlin (DE);

associate members: Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel (CH), Prishtina Architecture Week (RKS), CANactions, Kiev (UA)

Mitmachen und eintauchen in ein eimaliges europäisches Architektur-Netzwerk!

Anmeldung bis
20. Dezember 2015

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14 europäische Organisationen – unter ihnen das Haus der Architektur Graz – laden zur Teilnahme an der Future Architecture Platform ein. Das Ziel dieses Gemeinschaftsprojekts ist die Auseinandersetzung mit Visionen für die Zukunft der Architektur in Europa. Junge Einzelpersonen unter 40 Jahren und Kollektive sind eingeladen, ihre Ideen einzubringen.

Future Architecture is the first pan-European platform of architecture museums, festivals and producers, bringing ideas on the future of cities and architecture closer to the wider public.

In order to communicate the social, environmental, economic and design potentials of architecture to the widest possible audiences across Europe, the platform is looking for aspiring individuals from various disciplines to present and apply new ideas both on architecture today and what we should expect in the near future.
The call is open not only to architects but also to urban planners, curators, landscape architects, designers, artists, filmmakers and any other emerging professionals who think, explore, engage and shape our living environment.

Who can apply?
    •    you are under 40 years of age as of the first day of the open call
    •    you can document professional achievements (works, commissions, exhibitions, publications, reviews, grants, awards)
    •    your last work is not older than 2 years
    •    your work has not been widely recognised or established by critics, curators or producers (we are looking for emerging, upcoming talents that have not yet enjoyed wider recognition in Europe)

Ausstellung in Graz
01.06. – 30.09.2016

Das Haus der Architektur Graz wird im Rahmen von Future Architecture Platform im Sommer 2016 eine von Ingrid Sabatier und Stephan Schwarz kuratierte Ausstellung zeigen.

Graz Exhibition
The Future Architecture exhibition in Graz will focus on the role of architects in society and the search for a reinvention of the profession. Three categories – strength, usefulness and beauty – were taken as important for architectural theory consideration. Within the HDA focus, these starting points are intended to help address and evaluate contemporary architectural productions. The exhibition will try to answer questions like how we relate the present to a long, historical tradition and at the same time, consider options for future architectural productions in an increasingly complex world. Discussion will be very specifically orchestrated and deal with the realities and constraints of everyday life.

Anmeldung zum Mitmachen bis 20. Dezember 2015.

Aus den Bewerbungen werden die TeilnehmerInnen für eine Vielzahl von europaweiten Aktivitäten im Jahr 2016 ausgewählt.

16. + 17.11.2023