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This presentation offers a comprehensive overview of planning history since its emergence in the late nineteenth century, investigating the history of the discipline, its core writings, key people, institutions, vehicles, education, and practice, examining linkages to other fields.

It combines theoretical, methodological, historical, comparative and global approaches to planning history – a synthetic approach for which there is no precedent. It discusses theories, methodologies and scales, examines select places and typologies, studies key texts and themes in planning, and explores the state of the discipline, its achievements and shortcomings and future challenges. (Text: Carola Hein)

Carola Hein
is Professor and Head, Chair History of Architecture and Urban Planning at TU Delft. She has published widely on topics in contemporary and historical architectural and urban planning – notably in Europe and Japan. She received a Guggenheim Fellowship to pursue research on The Global Architecture of Oil and an Alexander von Humboldt fellowship to investigate large-scale urban transformation in Hamburg in international context between 1842 and 2008. Her current research interests include transmission of architectural and urban ideas along international networks, focusing specifically on port cities and the global architecture of oil.

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Respondenz: Otto Kapfinger

16. + 17.11.2023