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Exploring the spatial links between town and gown in historical college towns, universities have very often shaped the urban landscape. In more recent university cities, the spatial relationships between university and city are less clear, even if uni- versities play a key role in the urban knowledge economy. Universities have since the 1960s typically expan- ded to car dominated campuses, but now it is time to change it by the ex- ample of the VUB campus in Brussels.
Michael Ryckewaert is the program director of the Master in Urban Design and Spatial Planning at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He conducted various workshops on the planning of the campus and university quarter and participates in the coordination of the new masterplan for the Brussels Humanities, Science and Engineering campus.

Lecture 21.05.2019, HS II, 12:00
Lunch with Michael Ryckewaert at Café KORK 13:00

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