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EUROPAN opens the 16th competition round on the theme Living Cities and presents the three new Austrian locations: Graz - Klagenfurt - Linz.
Susanne Eliasson/GRAU will talk about her personal approach to the topic of Living Cities based on her own projects. Maria Letizia Garzoli / Team "Learning from the Future" (E15 winner) addresses their reflections on the theme, focusing on how native communities can teach us a different mindset to relate to our environment.
The digital kick-off offers a bouquet of interactive formats. In dialogue with jurors, winners and site-partners, specific questions about the new E16 theme and the task of the respective sites can be discussed. In breakout rooms, from keynotes and in the EUROPAN Lounge, where former winners will share tips for taking part, manifold information can be picked up. A raffle will be held to win a competition entry!
The event is in English language.

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16. + 17.11.2023