Eröffnung: 08.07.2017, 19:00 Uhr
mit Live concerts and performances

InBetween is an international collaborative project, which provides a two week residence in Graz for painters, sculptors, media, sound, interaction and visual artists from 11 different countries. The project’s main goal is to define a synergy between analogue and digital art and transform it into interactive hybrid artworks.
The aim of the exhibition is to explain, portray and investigate our position in between changing truths, meanings and beliefs. What does it mean to stand in between? This exhibition depicts a world defined by polarities and oppositions. The emergence of an online social life has drawn the attention over discussions where the whole world seems to be stuck in-between, not knowing if, what or who to believe. However we can see that relativism became a huge powerful tool for manipulation in modern world, where it is mostly used for propaganda. But instead of enriching the debate, we now question what is propagated as possible truths. We need to acknowledge that the overflow of informations is confusing, shifting, and in some cases is intentionally being subverted.
InBetween stays free for interpretation. Artists and visitors are standing in a frame, in which two or more opinions can be facing. The Project’s process is as important as the project’s result, therefore visitors will be invited to become part of the artist’s brainstorming process, during open hour sessions. The friction in between will be perceived by a collection of interactive installations at the Forum Stadtpark, Graz.

16. + 17.11.2023