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Digital Product Design
Deeply connected to the legacy of architecture, design in the tech industry has claimed its seat as a digital architect. Alongside this shift arises the urge for much broader education, greater collaboration and emotional intelligence. We tend to refer to Apple when chit-chatting Design, but the same evolution happens at other giants too. While design agencies of all sizes seem to go through hell, big companies pretend to be the new harbour for the creative capital. Their in-house design teams being responsible ‘to design’ and for ‘the Design’. But who said
designers make great architects? Learn about the digital product design process, why you shouldn’t title yourself UX Designer and why unicorns don’t exist!

Thomas Fröhlich
Enjoying the creative freedom of animation design for a time, Thomas Fröhlich graduated in user interface design (Information Design) at FH JOANNEUM in 2008. He moved straight into the tech industry where he spent 8 years as Information Architect, User Experience Designer and Design Manager. He designed and directed digital mobile consumer products for Nokia, Microsoft and Vodafone and also consulted mobile solutions for Xbox, Orange, O2, Audi and BMW.
Equipped with a deep understanding of applied design processes in consumer product development, he evangelises the delightfulness and ease-of-use in the long-neglected world of enterprise software.

16. + 17.11.2023