The Urban Strategies Postgraduate Program offers and hosts annually 4 weeks summerschools in June/July within various design related fields. Students and young professionals are invited to spend a month in a vibrant productive environment.
Within the Angewandte Urban Campus the Urban Strategies Studio is located in one of the auxiliary buildings and gives room to workspaces for the participants, seminars and presentations. The Universities´ Library, further workshops, lecture halls, exhibition spaces, and the canteen are located in the main building – 3 minutes foot walk from our Studio.

For information about current and past programs please visit the individual sections on the left hand menu and also the ARCHIVE.
For program proposals, please contact:

WORKSHOP TUITION: The total cost of the summerschool covers tuition and studio space. Expenses for accommodation, food and local transportation are to be organized and covered by the participants individually.

_ Early Registration:
€ 1200,- (receipt of payment until April 19th, 2013)
_ Late Registration: € 1500,- (receipt of payment until June 13th, 2013)

The summer school tuition fee will count as down payment for workshop participants who later on successfully apply to the full MSc Course at the Urban Strategies Postgraduate Program in Vienna.
For interest in participation please contact the Urban Strategies Summerschool Registration Board, including a brief statement of interest and your field of profession.

Submit latest by June 7th, 2013.

Kontakt: Sabine Hochrieser:

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