The Copenhagen Architecture Festival 2023 is announcing an open call for films in the field of documentaries or fiction and invites for this years seminar Situating Art-in-Architecture.


Julie Boserup · FACADE I · Photo courtesy of MCNY · 2016

Photo by David Clode

CAFx 2023 is packed with exciting activities and initiatives that are planned together with curious citizens, professionals and institutions across Denmark and Europe. Some of these activities like the open call deadline for film submissions and the upcoming Seminar on Art and Architecture are already public, others are yet to be revealed.

Submit your film for the CAFx 2023 film program!
Deadline: March 1st, 2023

CAFx is currently looking for submissions for the 10th edition of Copenhagen Architecture Festival taking place in June 2023.
This year, life takes the centre stage: the symbiotic, the habitats, the life balances and life cycles; nest, cave, hive and feeding chamber. Focusing on bio-inclusivity, biomimicry, conservation, gardens and notions of nature, the film program will explore new ecological perspectives while exposing exploitative paradigms and practices.

The ecological crisis is (also) a crisis of imagination. And film is considered as a useful training ground for a new ecological imaginary that can drag a somewhat sluggish society in a more sustainable direction.

Documentaries, fiction films and hybrid formats longer than 40 minutes are eligible for submission.


Situating Art-in-Architecture
Date: February 9th, 2023

How is art situated in building processes and transformations of the built environment? What forms of collaboration do art-in-architecture create between art, architecture and landscape? What are the site-specific characteristics of art-in-architecture?

On February 9, CAFx and KØS invites to a full-day seminar about situating art-in-architecture. At the seminar, international experts in art and architecture reflect upon how to produce and experience art-in-architecture. The seminar presents new methods and cross-disciplinary perspectives on the topic and contributes to a renewed discussion about the collaboration between art and architecture.

16. + 17.11.2023