Deadline für die Einreichung von Studierendenprojekten ist der 10. Oktober 2016


We are looking for best architectural realizations from Austria, completed in 2014, 2015, and 2016 with the following criterias:

•    Well thought-out integration into the urban or natural environment
•    Modern and innovative layout
•    Respect for natural and cultural heritage
•    Modern understanding of traditional and indigenous architectural elements
•    Innovate details
•    Subtle and well thought-out use of colours, textures and light
•    Spatial and design accordance with the context

The purpose of the call for applications is the selection of realized architectural works, which will compete for the 2016 Piranesi Award at the Piranesi international architectural exhibition, organized within the international conference Piran Days of Architecture 2016.

The deadline for delivery of proposals is 10.10.2016.

For more information have a look on pida.si

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