Monday Night und Summer Movies sind Highlights aus dem Insel-Programm.

Architektur: Vito Acconci©: Graz Tourismus/Harry Schiffer

Summer Movie

produced by Lukas Stepanik for Extrafilm
written and directed by Willi Hengstler, music by Walter Werzowa,
songs by Hans Platzgumer, H.P.Zinker

Barbara Steele, Peter Simonischek, Katharina Konstantin, H.P.Zinker (= Hans Platzgumer, Uwe Batruel, David Wasik), Birgit Linauer, Gerhard Balluch, Jürgen Goslar

Review Mike Haberfelner
In the 16th century, Gasteiger (Peter Simonischek), the sort-of squire of Eisenerz, a village in the Styrian Alps, sends his miners deep into the mines of the Erzberg to bring him the perfect iron flower, an expedition that costs many a miner's life. But since they have found his iron flower, Gasteiger argues the loss of life was totally worth it - which is met with outrage by the locals, who soon form your usual angry mob with torches and pitchforks to have their revenge. Gasteiger however is unfazed by that because he has big plans - make the iron flower the centerpiece of an especially crafted case that will allow him to escape into another world and live forever ...
The 20th century: Student Barbara (Katharina Konstantin) returns to Eisenerz to do some research on Gasteiger's iron flower case, but at first she is met with dismay everywhere she goes, with most even denying the existence of the case. Howevver, she suspects Mrs Wagner (Barbara Steele), owner of the local museum and mother of her boyfriend Hans (Hans Platzgumer), to know the secret of the case. Mrs Wagner however won't talk ...

16. + 17.11.2023