In Search of Günther Domenig (a personal mapping)

Roger Connah: Reading Domenig

Im Rahmen des Forschungs- und Ausstellungsprojekts „Günther Domenig: DIMENSIONAL“ findet im aut ein Vortrag in Englischer Sprache des Publizisten und Wissenschaftlers Roger Connah über den vor 10 Jahren verstorbenen österreichischen Architekten statt. Auf Basis persönlicher Betrachtungen geht Roger Connah dabei der Frage nach, welche mehrdeutigen Schlüsse man aus dem Leben und Werk von Domenig für das 21. Jahrhundert ziehen kann.

„Was there nothing outside architecture? Or was life architecture and Domenig’s works make up a stone book? Sensing a rebel boyishness, possibly a disarming indifference, did the promise of infancy offer Domenig a way of using architecture and structure as a re-processing of his past? What if I make of Domenig a recluse in this rebelliousness, quietly but perhaps uncannily always falling short of a hero or a legend? Perhaps a mapping from Domenig’s Sci-Arc lecture (2005) would make a better abstract for a lecture-to-come than any rock n roll, ‘tumblin‘ dice’ reference.
The lecture is researched and prepared in bursts, in flight, in fragments, in shards, in fireworks and traces that fall and litter themselves all over this landscape laid out before us. There is a stone house and a red Maserati parked in front. But no one is around.“ (Roger Connah)

16. + 17.11.2023