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Architektur in Serie

Werkpräsentation und Arbeitsgespräch mit den diesjährigen St.A.i.R.-StipendiatInnen Coline Robin und Boris Kostadinov.

The presentation reviews some previous projects by Boris Kostadinov featuring Kamen Stoyanov. The exhibitions are international and they are implemented in public institutions, private galleries and artist-run spaces. The concepts of the projects are based on different aspects of contemporary social, economic and political reality.

Boris Kostadinov
is a curator - lives and works in an international context. His projects are in the field of contemporary art and photography, conceptual design, fashion, architecture, sound and interdisciplinary forms. They explore the interaction of art with political and geopolitical realities, economics, social processes and theories: economy of art, art as a social or activist gesture and art as a political platform. He has curated recent projects for Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv, Bulgaria; Radiator Gallery, New York; IG Bildende Kunst Gallery, Vienna; bäckerstrasse4 Gallery; Vienna; Ernst Hilger Gallery, Vienna; Haus Wittgenstein, Vienna; Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, New York; and LOOP Fair, Barcelona. He served as Director for the International Videoart Festival, Videoarchaeology, in Sofia.

Kamen Stoyanov
is based between Vienna and Sofia. He works with a variety of contemporary art forms, video, photography, performance and installation. He is particularly interested in the tension between elitist and mass culture.
During the past years his works were shown in the following exhibitions: Mature and Angry, Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv, Bulgaria;  Common History and Its Private Stories, City Gallery Sofia; 17th Biennale in Sydney, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia; Aichi Triennial, Nagoya, Japan; Manifesta 7, The European Biennial of Contemporary Art, Trentino, Italy and many others. He is co-founder of 0gms Gallery in Sofia. He is a winner of Otto-Mauer-Preis, Vienna, 2011

Coline Robin
is architect, artist and illustrator. She has studied architecture in Paris and Istanbul. She worked in Germany with different organisation and architecture collectives. In different ways, their collaborations tackled the question of urban shared space.
She will present the project she developped during her 5 months artist residency in Graz. Her project “All the missing maps” collected spatial stories and feelings of the inhabitants of a heterogeneous neighborhood, Lend. Through a serie of models, she put in perspective different realities in order to display the contradictions and similarities of our relationships to space. Her project explore the relations between our perception of space and our ways of appropriating us the urban space.

16. + 17.11.2023