Styria Artist in Residence – days of open performance
Graz, Stadtpark

What do we consider under the terms of home?

Is it a place where we live, a place from where we come from, a place that we share with our family? Do we define home in terms of territory, living space, or is it just one more temporary location on our journey to the new life?

If we imagine home as a safe place, what can we say about the future considering the present? It is on us to choose what kind of home we want and it is our obligation to work for it. We are witnessing drastic changes in our society. Europe is confronted with aggressive politics and construction of new empire of the modern state.

In the work “Some Preconditions for a Social Revolution “ (1873) Mikhail Bakunin argues that the modern State is by its very nature a military State; and every military State must of necessity become a conquering invasive State; to survive it must conquer or be conquered, for the simple reason that accumulated military power will suffocate if it does not find an outlet. Therefore the modern State must strive to be a huge and powerful State: this is the indispensable precondition for its survival.

According to idea of the state and home, do we see our selves as citizens, foreigners or staless?

Stadtpark is a public space with open range of communication between people in the city. Many consider it their usual place for socializing. If we may say, they feel there at home. If we look at the surface as certain territory inside and around the premises of the park, we can find verities of locations with different social groups, classes and influences.

The public event Home brings out the open call for the people to create their idea of home in the public space of the park in form of actions, performances, public readings, music, singing or just hanging out in way that would express your ideal HOME.

16. + 17.11.2023