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Architecture and its Mediated Image
Tools of representation in architecture are never neutral and they directly impact the design process, influencing the way we shape our world. With the introduction of computer-aided drafting systems three decades ago, increasingly complex 3-D modeling programs have gradually replaced the traditional drawing board. During the same period, the status of architectural drawings has shifted form that of “originals” to infinitely reproducible data. In this context, what do we present when we chose to exhibit architecture? The implications of this cultural and technological shift are made explicit in the transformation of architectural exhibitions at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal.

Louise Pelletier was trained as an architect. She currently is the Director of the School of Design at “Université du Québec à Montreal” (UQAM). She is the author of Architecture In Words: Theatre, Language and the Sensuous Space of Architecture (2006), and co-author of Architectural Representation and the Perspective Hinge (1997). Her most recent book, Downfall, The Architecture of Excess (2014), is a novel that proposes a reflection on contemporary practice. Her work has also been published in collections of essays and international journals. She curated and designed several exhibitions in Montreal, Japan, Brazil and Norway. Her current research is on Architecture exhibitions.

16. + 17.11.2023