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Future Architecture Summer School

The House of Architecture is hosting the Future Architecture Summer School 2018 in Graz. Ten international and austrian emerging architects who participated in the Call of the Future Architecture Platform were selected as tutors and invited to Graz for a two-week Summer School to work with 25 young people. The results of their work during the Summer School will be shown in an exhibition offering participants the opportunity to make their developed ideas and concepts accessible to a broader public.

Theme: Desperate Housing / Ideas for peri-urban areas
Developing new ideas for five outlying districts of the city of Graz: Puntigam, Liebenau, Straßgang, Wetzelsdorf and Gösting.
These areas are located around the historic center of the city, all of them share similar issues – the  lack of ubanity, centrality or spatial hierarchy. Each district has a fragmented landscape of urban and rural features and despite a steady increase in the number of settlers, none of these districts’ problems have ever been in the center of attention of solution seekers.

Akil Scafe-Smith (RESOLVE, UK) & Therese Leick (TAB Collective, AT)

Samuele Squassabia (Studiospazio, IT) & Stefano Tornieri (Babau Bureau, IT)

Ibai Rigby (Parallel Sprawl, CH) & Elena Karpilova (Architectural Thinking School for Children, BY)

Benedict Esche (collective A, DE) & Lera Samovich (fala atelier, PT)

Francisco Fonseca (SKI, PT) & Francisco Moura Veiga (CARTHA, CH)

Verknüpfte Termine
16. + 17.11.2023