Volker Giencke gewinnt internationalen Wettbewerb für Konzerthalle in Liepaja, Lettland


Concerthall - Grundriss

Concerthall - Grundriss

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Concert hall


Der Grazer Architekt Volker Giencke gewinnt mit seinem Team den internationalen Architekturwettbewerb für eine Konzert-Halle in Liepaja, Lettland.

Designing Team Giencke & Company:

Prof. Volker Giencke, Petra Friedl, Timo Haedrich, Christoph Monschein, Paul Vabitsch,
Modell: Hubert Schuller
Acoustics: Prof. Karlheinz Müller
Lighting: Prof. Christian Bartenbach
Engineering and Facades: Prof. Christian Aste, Prof. Klaus Bollinger, Prof. Manfred Grohmann
HVAC+Physics: DI Wolfgang Gollner

Die Stadt Liepaja (ehem. Libau) an der Ostsee hat ca. 130.000 EW u. ist die zweitgrößte Stadt Lettlands. Die Konzerthalle wird die größte an der mittleren Ostsee sein u. aus EU-Mitteln finanziert werden.

Mr. U. Sesks, Chairman of Liepaja City Council,
Mr. I. Resnis, Artistic Director of Liepaja Symphony Orchestra and President of the Liepaja Concert Hall Foundation,
Mr. G. Birkerts, Architect, Manager of Gunnar Birkerts
Architects inc. (USA),
Mr. S. Grava, city planner and Professor of the University of Colombia, Mr. J. Poga, Chairman of Lativan Union of Architects,
Ms. I. Ribena, the Minister of Culture,
Mr. M. Rautiola, Professor of Architecture
of the University of Tampere and Mr. U. Kaugurs, Chief Architect of Liepaja City.

Nov. 2003

„Liepaja Concert Hall Competition“
Project: “Urban Loop”

Basic Ideas

Concert Hall:
We decided to design a CONCERT HALL exclusive for concerts -which means that it also works for operas and for dramas but not as a multifunction space for everything and all.
We are convinced that it is very important for the aknowledgement of the LIEPAJA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA to have its own CONCERT HALL with outstanding acoustic characteristics. Beyond that it will mark out the City of Liepaya as a magic place in the field of music.
As our acoustic consultant (a worldfamous man concerning outstanding experiences in accoustics) describes, the CONCERT HALL'S "ideal acoustics" will not change remarkably with changing numbers of listeners. The CONCERT HALL has a max. capacity of 1200 seats on both floors. The basic floor offers seats for approx. 650 to 700 persons as required. If opera or drama are performed there are about 1000 to 1050 seats available.

Concert Hall as a Cultural and Social Center "THE LOOP"
Or how to create an architectonically expressive silhuette

The buiding complex of the CONCERT HALL should form a new CULTURAL AND SOCIAL CENTER OF LIEPAJA.
We decided to design the " LOOP", which comprises everything the City is asking for -as there are the CONCERT HALL and the CHAMBER HALL as main functions, but also areas on the entrance floor which are dedicated as an ARRANGEMENT - FLOOR for PIANO-EXHIBITIONS, ROCK-CONCERTS, FESTIVALS & BANQUETS, DAINAS EVENT, PERFORMANCES, STRET THEATRE, FASHION-DISPLAYS, TWIST CONTESTS, NEW YEAR-BALLS, PUBLIC MEETINGS (LECTURES ETC.), CHILDRENS CIRCUS, AUTO-SHOWS, CHESS-TURNAMENTS AND INTERNET-CAFE.

There are differnt floors on different levels belonging to the functional requirements of the CONCERT and CHAMBER HALL.
The LOOP should be seen as a wide open space, - a covered City-Space, dedicated to cultural events such as concerts, dramas and operas, besides all the performances which can take part on the the floor level which is the level of Radio and Juras Street.
There are different aims to connect the floors amongst eachother with staircases, ramps, escalators and elevators. The whole environment has a more sculptural characteristic besides strict functional rooms (dressing rooms, WC´s, clubrooms and offices).
A central staircase, the main staircase, with 2 lifts and 1 goods lift accesses the floors on different levels.
As long as the staircase is used by the public there are two pairs of stairs per each floor, so that in case of an emergency the double number of visitors can leave the building. In the upper floors which are closed to the public and were the dressing rooms etc. are located the central staircase is reduced to only one access.
There is an internal vertical access for the personal, the musicians, the singers and the actors/actresses connecting each floor with the stage.

Commercial and Office Center, the Ramp and the Plaza
The area alongside the new CONCERT and CHAMBER HALL (the "LOOP ") should be developed into a new Business Center as required.
The COMMERCIAL and OFFICE CENTER is a proposal how to design the urban approach to the CONCERT HALL respecting the views from the Port Canal and the bridge.

Construction of the "LOOP" -skeleton and skin
Irregular, CNC -cutted steelframes form the shape of the LOOP.
The frames are connected with so called stringers, -subtle profiles of coldformed steelsheets.
The entire construction is very rigid and resistent against stormy weather and wind load.

The skin is a double-layered construction of translucent coloured glass. The glass is on the outside and forms the inner surface of the main construction, with a special covering which causes a self-cleaning glassfacade.

Weitere Teilnehmer:

Project: "Sound of Dune"
"ARHIS", Lativan bureau: Andris Kronbergs, Arnis Kleinbergs, R. Saulitis, J. Lasis, J. Zvejnieks, E. Beernaerts, B. Bula, D. Gravere, I. Kalvelis, K. Stirma, V. Uzors, R. Akermane, J. Vizulis, I. Stale.
Visualisations by S. Ozola, K. Sulcs, U. Jaunsubrens, E. Mikelsons, I. Bediks, M. Putns
Model by E. Gurspons, U. Belceris, N. Babans, E. Geinbergs, A. Pudovikovs, K. Amatniece, L. Balere, I. Veice, D. Usans.

Project: "The Diamond of Liepaja"
"Henning Larsens Tegnestue", Danish bureau: Henning Larsen, Peer Teglgaard Jeppesen, Soren Ollgaard Petersen, Osbjorn Jacobson, Peter Koch.
Construction and technique by "Arup" (London)
Acoustics by "Bo Mortensen and Anders Gade", Copenhagen.

Project: "Allegro"
"PTW Architects", Australian Architectural Bureau
Acoustic consultant "Arup Acoustics"
Engineering "Ove Arup"
Theatre Technology "Entertech", quantitiy surveyor "Rider Hunt".

Project: "ELLO"
International Partnership composed by Prof.Peter Cook, Gavin Robotharn (Great Britain), Salvador Perez Arroyo, Eva Hurtado, Fernando Rio, Fernando Temprano (Spain), Oskar Redbergs (Latvia) and assistants, M. Spaniola,
T. Gatourzidou, P. Garcia, P. Candela, M. Nicolau, A. Sabater, A. Rodriguez, S. Hurtdado.
Acoustic Consultant Prof. Cesar Diaz, Antonio Pedrero.

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